My office is wonderful and I absolutely love it.  Patients love it as well, and everyone is giving compliments left and right.  Thank you so much for the hard work and vision you had for my office.  It truly was a pleasure working with all of you.  

Katie Montgomery, DDS, All Smiles Family Dental Care
When my wife, “Dr. Jojo,” finally decided to build her own pediatric dental facility, the name Doug Cosner came up repeatedly. Doug Cosner and his able staff helped us through the entire process of design, furnishing selection and equipment placement. Especially when it got down to those crucial decisions, he was able to present options to make the decision that much easier. The quality of workmanship is superior and his workers are always ready to explain everything they’re doing.
Chuck and Jojo Strickler, DDS
Doug … you, Brian and your whole team were a joy to work with and made the whole project easy and enjoyable. I appreciated the professionalism that everyone at TEAM DDS exhibited especially with a younger doctor building his first office! … I was very pleased that not only do I have a wonderful new office, but you finished right on schedule and budget. Amazing! I would highly recommend to any dentist looking to construct a new office to use TEAM DDS (and no one else) as their contractor.
R. Brian Hardy, DMD, MS
“We get compliments on our office nearly every day from our patients and are so happy that TEAM DDS helped us create a relaxed, friendly and fun atmosphere for our office. They were a pleasure to work with and the entire Hutta & Hutta Orthodontics team couldn’t be happier with the way our office turned out in Westerville. Thanks for all you do!”
J. Lawrence Hutta DDS and James T. Hutta DDS, Hutta & Hutta Orthodontics
We have been very pleased with the cabinetry … We were apprehensive at first, we actually didn’t think it would look as good as the Pelton design we had initially picked. We … received a better end result with all of the custom touches you put into the project. You and your team were a pleasure to work with. Thank you.
Thomas E. Hoffman DDS and Cheryl L. Hoffman, DDS
… a pleasure to work with and completed our buildout on time and within budget. We get compliments every day on our facility. The clean, uncluttered style of TEAM DDS’ custom cabinetry adds to the relaxed, friendly atmosphere of our office.
Dave Stafford, Women's Imaging & Wellness
… Great insight, experience and interaction between TEAM DDS and my architects provided for an extremely cohesive team that ironed out bugs before they could become bugs – an extremely important part to the buildout process, from both time and financial standpoints … you must draw upon the vast experience of TEAM DDS, the most experienced in the business of dental offices in Central Ohio.
Dr. Jason Stoner
… From an ethical and professional standpoint, I can’t say enough about Doug and his co-workers. … The custom cabinets that he made for my sterilization and lab matched my Adec cabinetry perfectly … his knowledge of the lab and sterilization area was phenomenal. He had the outlets spaced and placed exactly where exactly where they needed to be. He had cabinets and shelves placed so that we could function most efficiently in these areas. The same is true of our reception area and break room cabinetry.
Brad Fulton, DDS
Doug Cosner and crew completed several construction jobs for me … the projects went smoothly and the end results were great. Doug’s expertise in dental construction avoided many headaches that would otherwise have been a problem.
James Aust, DDS
… There is no price you can put on someone who has a vast knowledge of how construction and dental equipment connect. He has saved me both money and time during the planning process as well as the construction phase.
Samuel E. Smiley, DDS
What a wonderful experience to work with a group that really knows their stuff! Their level of knowledge in all things related to our project really let me know that we were in good hands with Team DDS. When there were any questions about the schedule, electric, scavenger, plumbing, or anything, they were always right there with the answers. Even now with the project complete, when we have questions, they respond. The cabinets have been a real standout. I have received so many compliments from my colleagues and clients alike. The amount of customization that Team DDS could offer on the cabinets was amazing. They listened to what I needed and had some very creative solutions. I would, without hesitation, recommend Team DDS to any veterinarian considering a renovation or new build.
Jane Flores, DVM