•    Specialized General Contractors – With such a broad and deep experience working with dental environments, TEAM DDS has a long history with all of the dental equipment specialists and technology vendors who serve Ohio. This is another crucial factor in our clients getting exactly what is needed and wanted!
  •    Project Management – The hallmark of TEAM DDS’ work and service are the exemplary finished results a doctor realizes whether he or she is setting up the first practice, growing the practice or moving the practice. There is no other firm in Central Ohio with more specialized experience in this arena. TEAM DDS has two master construction generalists who together have over 50 years of specific dental construction experience.
  •    Custom Commercial and Medical-Grade Cabinetry – Instead of having to develop floor plans to accommodate pre-fabricated cabinets, TEAM DDS builds customized cabinets and countertops tailored to fit the space. This enables a client to maximize the functionality and aesthetics of the cabinets and space. The surfaces in our projects are made from premium laminate, wood and solid surfaces. Clients are not limited by stock colors, finishes or dimensions – every cabinet and countertop throughout the environment from consultation, sterilization, conference room, break room, reception and bathrooms to the doctor’s private office can be built to match or compliment any practice cabinetry.
  •    Licensed Electricians – Conceptualization, execution and managing the electrical specifications of a dental-medical project is benefited by 45 years of combined experience our electrician specialists. #11101
  •    Licensed Plumbers – Our full-time plumbers have over 50 years combined experience with the unique plumbing needs of dental-medical practices. Their extensive experience can save you, the client, thousands of dollars on your project. #34605
  •    Certified Medical Gas Installers – The State of Ohio Building Codes now considers a doctor’s vacuum, air, nitrous, nitrogen and oxygen lines to be medical gas lines which must be installed by certified installers. To meet this new demand, TEAM DDS boasts having three technicians certified to install Medical Gas Lines.
  •    Licensed Backflow Testers – Having our own full-time Back Flow Tester is another testament that TEAM DDS knows what is necessary and required for your dental practice. Every dental office will have at least 2 backflows and be required to be tested once every year after installation.
  •    Service Department – We offer our doctors and clients licensed plumbers, licensed electricians and general service technicians. All with extensive experience in the medical arena.